Your Guide To Shipping on eBay

Learn all about cross border shipping, best practices and how to reduce your Item Not Received (INR) disputes.

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Introduction to Cross Border Shipping

Shipping can make or break your eBay business, especially when you are selling to an international market. A plain sailing transaction is what buyers expect. We understand choosing the best shipping method and practices can be overwhelming. You may feel lost amidst a sea of unfamiliar terms, but fret not, we’ll explain them all here.

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Best Practices for Shipping

Get your shipping practices shipshape. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get on board.

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The Importance of Shipping with Tracking

Missing shipment is bad for business. It’s worse if you do not have any proof or tracking on the packages. Learn the importance of end-to-end tracking, how it can protect you and keep your buyers happy.

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Increase Your Sales With Free Shipping

Many eBay Sellers have debated the effectiveness of Free Shipping in driving sales over the years but it’s time to face facts and put this argument to rest.

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Late Shipment Best Practices

Learn how to handle late deliveries and appease your buyers. We'll also show you how to protect your seller performance standards and feedback ratings.

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