Shoppers search for deals


of shoppers are looking for a deal or promotion.*


of shoppers want free or discounted shipping.*


Sellers new to Promotions Manager can see sales increases of as much as 11%.**

Discounts, offers, incentives – whatever you call it - are bound to boost your sales.
Exciting deals can be found all year round under any excuse such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, School Holidays and Summer Sales. Don’t miss out on all these opportunities to attract more buyers, increase average order size and improve your sales!
Besides, running a promotion is also a good way to clear old stock and even lower shipping costs by bundling more items per order.

Stand out and sell more!

Promotions help you


Stand out from the crowd

Using Promotions Manager helps your items stand out in search results, increasing visits to your promotion page and exposing more of your inventory.


Showcase relevant items

When you group related items together, buyers spend more time shopping your items, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


Attract buyers at the right time

eBay actively promotes various categories during relevant times of the year. Use Promotion Manager to highlight relevant merchandise and convert the extra traffic we send you to more customers.

It is no surprise that promotions increase cart size and transaction amount. We have all been there. You go out for a bottle of shampoo but come back with three lipsticks, a pair of shoes and 6 months’ stock of chocolates.

Good bargains are just too irresistible. You don’t need a degree in Marketing to figure this out. Especially with the help of eBay Promotions Manager.


What is eBay Promotions Manager?

eBay Promotions Manager is a quick and easy tool that helps eBay sellers like yourself increase sales, spending and customers through offers, incentives and promotions.

Basically, eBay Promotions Manager enables you to market your merchandise like a pro. It helps you create customised discounts and coupons to encourage buyers to spend more in your eBay store. It also improves your items’ visibility and moves your inventory faster.

Who can use eBay Promotions Manager?

Anyone with an eBay store can use eBay Promotions Manager. It’s free too!

For items to be eligible for Promotions Manager, your listing must be in fixed price format with ‘Buy It Now’ pricing.

Your items will appear at the advertised price, and the discount will be applied in your buyer's shopping cart.


Why use eBay Promotions Manager

The Promotions Manager not only enable you to create promotions, it also highlights them on eBay search results page and product page. Therefore increasing your store’s exposure which in turn boost your chances of making more sales.

What can you do with eBay Promotions Manager?

You can set up four different types of special offers using Promotions Manager:

  • Order discounts – Offer discounts based on order size, or the amount spent by a buyer. You can also create promotions such as a percentage off an additional item, or buy one get one free
  • Codeless coupons – Offer exclusive discounts to buyer groups of your choosing by using a virtual coupon
  • Promotional shipping – Offer cheaper shipping on items that qualify for your offer
  • Sales events – Reduce prices for selected items or categories
  • Volume price discounts – Offer tiered discounts to buyers who purchase multiple quantities of a single item


What else can eBay Promotions Manager help you with?


Schedule promotions

according to “retail moments” up to six months in advance


Set the duration of the promotion

so that they only last for a specified time


Show markdowns

with a strikethrough price


Include/exclude items

as per your preference


Create a dedicated offer page

for you to showcase through email and social media.

Find out how to use eBay Promotions Manager