Want to know how to improve your search ranking and get the best results from your listings? Our articles on listing will give you valuable hints & tips on how to improve, manage and promote your listings to attract more buyers - and sell more stuff.

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Your guide to listing on eBay

Are you a first-time seller who wants a step-by-step guide on how to create better listings on eBay? Are you an experienced eBay seller looking to optimise and improve your listings? What you sell is up to you, but here are the best practices that will help increase your sales, make your listings stand out from the rest, and keep your customers happy.

Improve Your Search Ranking With Item Specifics

No matter how many times you refresh eBay, does it seem like your listings are never on the first few pages of the search results?

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Product Identifiers

Boost your listings' visibility with Product Identifiers by helping buyers find what they’re looking for, and prompting them to appear in search engine results. 

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Effective Listing Titles

Learn how to write effective listing titles. Follow our guide for the Do's and Don'ts, and how to use the correct keywords to catch the attention of your buyers. 

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Successful Photo Habits

Five Highly Successful Photo Habits for Sellers

Habits make or break a person, just as they will make or break your eBay business. If you learn these five habits and transform your listings, you may just become an eBay big boss one day.

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Item Description Best Practices

You've got a good listing title, and great photos. Now learn how to seal the deal with your Item Descriptions by following these 5 best practices. 

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