Must-know Policies for Beginners

Whether you are a new or seasoned seller, you must know eBay’s selling policies like the back of your hand. But in case any of this information has slipped your mind, we have it right here, just for you.

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SEA Shipping Policies

Shipping policies for eBay sellers in Southeast Asia. Our rules and shipping policies help to create a safer and enjoyable selling experience on eBay. Understanding them can help you avoid problems and be a more effective seller.

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Intellectual property and the VeRO program

Unsure about what falls under Intellectual Property? Need more clarification on the VeRO program? We’ve got you covered.

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Duplicate Listings

Same same but different? Uh Oh! That’s not quite right! Duplicate listings are one of the main things you need to avoid when selling on eBay. But understanding what this means can get a bit confusing.

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