Ever thought about selling your products internationally? eBay offers you Cross Border Trader (or CBT) opportunities which enables you to penetrate key global markets such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

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In fact, 86% of sales made by Southeast Asian eBay sellers are from US, UK and Australian sites. Then there’s the niche market opportunities from FRITES countries which comprise France, Italy and Spain.

Hey, people all over the world love our trade.  Little wonder then there are now 51 eBay millionaires (That’s USD millionaires) in South East Asia.

Here’s another fun fact - the biggest SEA eBay seller turned out a whopping USD26 million GMV in 2017. Inspired yet?

Do not bypass SEAPaSS

Shipping is one of the biggest challenges when selling internationally. The cost can be prohibitive, items can get lost, delivery can get delayed. It’s the seller and buyer’s greatest nightmare.

Fortunately for you, SEAPaSS or South East Asia Parcel Shipping Solutions is yet another eBay initiative that was conceived to help you penetrate the lucrative international market from the comfort of your living room.

SEAPaSS is a shipping fulfilment platform that helps sellers like you handle and ship your order easily. It’s FREE, simple and secure.

And we don’t just stop there. You can get more assistance from eBay’s seller centre and local customer support team. No problem is too small. Just ask.

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CBT facts, like hips, don't lie!

Check out the exciting figures and get an idea on what you should be selling to maximise your income.

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CBT Challenges

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Understand the business risk and challenges before you dive right in.
Each country is different. Take the time to learn and understand the different systems, laws and practices.

Import & Custom Laws

Import & Custom Laws

As a seller, it is your responsibility to know and adhere to all import & custom laws. For example, all food imported into USA must be FDA-approved. [Unless you have the proper approvals, maybe save yourself the headache and not sell food to the USA.]

Custom Duties and Tax

Custom Duties and Tax

Familiarise yourself with each country’s Custom duties and taxes including VAT and GST. As a seller, you should always aim for smooth delivery to buyers. But if you are unwilling to cover the tax(es), make certain your buyers are aware they will be required to pay the import taxes to avoid any disputes.

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There are over 1.1 billion active listings on eBay. How can you stand out and compete? Take it easy and start selling in one market. USA is the easiest but also the most competitive. Niche markets such as FRITES has high import volume and less competition but there’s the language challenge. Start small and get a feel of the best markets for you.

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Buyer Behaviour

Buyers from western countries such as US, UK, Australia and Germany are accustomed to good Customer Service, Free Shipping and 30-day free Returns. Are you prepared to compete against the domestic sellers and match their service offerings?

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Get started

1. Each country has different eBay site policies, rules and regulations. Do take the time to learn and comply.  A good place to start is the eBay Seller Centres:

eBay USA 

eBay UK 

eBay AU 

eBay DE 

2. The sooner you open your account, the sooner you can start making money. We’ve made it easy for you with step-by-step tutorials. 

What to sell on eBay

Whatever you want really. New, used, unique or niche items; the seven blenders you got at your wedding, the ugly sweater you got for your birthday – you can sell just about anything on eBay except for prohibited and restricted items in eBay’s selling policy. Again, each country is different so please check first. Check out eBay Explore, it's a free tool that'll help you discover product trends, prices and international market data.

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