Increase Your Selling Limits

Here’s how you can level up on eBay

Feeling like a superhero after a stretch of successful eBay sales?

But all of a sudden… selling limits? You’re unable to put up new listings. Your Good-till-cancelled listings end automatically. What are these invisible forces holding you back? Here’s how you can easily increase your selling limit and boost your sales!

But hold on…. What are Selling Limits?

The maximum number of items you can list at once, or
Total dollar value of items you can sell before hitting a threshold (aka limit) and are not able to list more items.

All sellers, new or experienced, have a selling limit on their account. It is how we check in with you to see whether you are managing your sales, whether your business is growing and whether you’re sustaining growth at a healthy rate. It is also how we maintain a secured marketplace where buyers feel safe making purchases. New sellers that have never requested a selling limit increase will have a default limit of 10 items and USD$500.

How do I increase my selling limits?

Effective September 2019, you will need to reach out directly to your local customer service team via email or phone* on the customer service platform to request for a Selling Limit increase.

Here’s how:

Go to: > Help & Contact > Contact Us > Select: Selling > Selling Problems > Increase Your Selling Limit > Email Us or Call Us*

*Phone call is not eligible for Malaysian sellers

Via email

First selling limit increase: Once you have emailed eBay, our customer service agent will contact you by phone to ask you several questions for verification purposes. You will receive your first selling limit increase once you are verified.

Subsequent selling limit increase: Take note! You are only allowed to apply for the next selling limit increase every 30 days. To apply for a subsequent Selling Limit increase, your performance and account activity will be reviewed by eBay. If you are eligible, our customer service agent will contact you by phone to ask you several questions for verification purposes. You will then receive the selling limit increase once you are verified


1. You MUST fill in all your contact information & account details correctly. This includes your phone number. To update your information, login to: or > Account Settings > Personal Information / Business Information. Learn more

2. You can only request for a selling limit increase every 30 days.

3. Verification questions MUST be answered honestly. Any dishonesty will only incur a penalty or affect your future selling limit increase requests.

4. This new procedure is only applicable to sellers located in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

5. You should resolve all account suspensions, restrictions or below-standard issues before requesting for a selling limit increase.

Increase your selling limits now and become a top seller.